Capacity Building Training Programme at Govt Agricultural Farm at Labuduwa

A Capacity Building Training Programme was conducted at Government Agricultural Farm at Labuduwa  under “Food Security Project – Addressing Causes for Poverty and Ensuring Food Security For Farming communities) on 15th February 2023. This training was carried out especially for the
CBO members and farmers  under this  project,  where there were 220 participants.

Before the commencement of the training Fr Lasantha Fonseka (Director of Caritas SED Galle) made the  introductory speech  followed by speeches  by  Divisional Secretary of Bope/Poddala  DS Division, and Assistant Farm Manager of Labuduwa Farm.  The other participants included Agricultural Development & Research Assistants attached to  many Agricultural Zones under the Department of Agriculture and Agrarian Service Centers in Galle District apart from the CBO leaders , CBO members and Caritas SED Galle.

The Assistant Farm Manager explained that this Farm is self-sufficient with no funds or inputs from Government or other external sources and we  provide practical trainings to many Govt  Officers in Agriculture Sector and also school children  free of charge. The Agro-Entrepreneurship Training Unit which was started in the year 2017 is successfully progressing. They  also maintain a Farm Shop where they sell all vegetables, fruits, leaves,  curd, yoghurt    which are produced in the Farm.

The participants of today’s programme were  given practical trainings in various sections in the Agricultural Farm such as  Agro-Entrepreneurship Training  (on how to become a successful entrepreneur), technical knowledge in bee-keeping , in the field of cost minimization,  marketing strategies, bee-keeping, mushroom  cultivation,  livestock management (poultry, dairy cattle, sheep, turkey, rabbits etc)  Nursery management,  seed production,  home gardening and  how to beautify your  home gardens, how to add value to products to get more benefits  in order to convert farmers to agro-entrepreneurs.

After this practical training sessions,  an awareness session on improvement of home gardens was conducted by Mr Chameera  (Temporary Agronomist). He explained on how to increase  the number of vegetables, fruits and leaves grown in one’s home garden.  The participants promised to increase the number of vegetables, fruits and leaves grown  in every one’s  home garden to over 30 varieties. He
also introduced a  Harvest  Book where all farmers have to record  what items of vegetables, fruits, yams or leaves   sold  and the income earned each day to keep a track of  how much money they earn each day from the home garden they maintain